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Re: pH reducer

Which would be better for reducing pH in a planted tank - NaHSO4 or

That depends... the monosodium phosphate is definitely going to give you a 
more stable pH if you are trying to set up a phosphate buffer system... 
however phosphate can contribute to algae growth, but depending on your 
setup the amount of phosphate you add may have a negligible impact on algae 
growth. The sodium bisulfate is not going to set up much of a buffering 
system by itself, but it will work to bring the pH down and can not 
contribute to algae growth. In general you will have to use the sodium 
bisulfate more often to keep your pH where you want it than you would with 
monosodium phosphate. The monosodium phosphate may also cause cloudiness if 
your water is very hard, the bisulfate won't.

-Greg Morin

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