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Re: EDTA vs. Gluconate

> I'm not sure that is true.  If you add iron out of balance to other
> nutrients, you are going to quickly push your plants into a deficiency of
> what ever is in next least supply.

So you're suggesting that based on what I've stated that Flourish Iron 
could possibly supply _too_ much iron?  ;-)

>>I guess the only real way for each individual
>>to determine which is best for them is to set up two systems that are
>>nearly identical and use only one product in each and after a certain
>>period of time look at the results.
> That's probably overkill.<g>  And I doubt you'll have many people switch to
> your product if they have to do that to decide if they like it.

No I don't think they _have_ to do that in order to decide they like our 
product... I just meant that from a _scientific_ standpoint that is going 
to be the most objective way for one to decide which is "best" for them. 
The way you describe below is of course the most practically feasible and 
is what we recommend as well for someone who is still undecided...

> I'd suggest that people do what I usually advocate anyway.  Watch your
> plants.  If they look like they are suffering from an iron deficiency,
> (which, BTW, won't show up as slower growth at first, but as chlorotic new
> leaves.  This will be apparent in fast growing plant species first) maybe
> it's worth trying an iron gluconate supplement.  Or for that matter, if you

-Greg Morin
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