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New lighting set-up

I've set up a new lighting "system" and I thought I would share the
set-up.Please email me any feedback. While shopping at the local Home Depot
I came across a compact fluorescent floodlight made by " Lights of America"
model #9036. Lights stats are: 36 watts/input, 200 watt/output, lumens -
2400, CRI - 84, 5000-K. Lamp size is 8.1"X12.1" , the bulb is encased with a
reflector and a clear plastic cover. It mounts flush against the wall and
has a swivel. It doesn't come with a cord, I had to splice the wire ends to
a replacement cord which is pretty easy,  mounted about 5" above the tank
(which is opened),plugged it up to the timer and voila'. Total damage

floodlight (bulb included) - 39.99 X 2
replacement cord             -      .97
electrical tape                   -    2.00