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Tropica Plants in the U.S.

>PS- in regards to Karen's post on bare roots to the US only, several years
>there was a company in New York that was the exclusive distributor for
>Plants, in the US. I believe it was Supreme or something like that

It was Superior Tropica run by Vinnie Sileo.  That was before the bare-root
law was put in place.  They no longer sell Tropica plants.

>and I have
>seen adds for "Tropica" plants in US magazines by US suppliers, maybe they
>breaking the law , but they are available.

The adds you've seen are in TFH.  There is an in-law type connection
between Holger Windelov and a relative of Axelrod's.  So they get to run
their ads quite reasonably.  It's worth it to them because TFH is available
in many countries outside the U.S.  Their plants are not currently sold
anywhere in the U.S., although I'm sure some "sneak" across the border from

Horizon Growers in California uses the Tropica process to grow their
plants. (They are also involved in this in-law business<g>)  But again,
these are not plants grown by Tropica and imported, they are plants grown
using the Tropica methods in the U.S.

Tropica has been negotiating with the government to get a waiver on the
bare root law for plants grwon under controlled, pest free conditions
without soil.  It probably will not be too much longer before Tropica
plants _will_ be available in this country... But they won't be cheap by
the time they get here.<g>


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association