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re: Ammannia

> I was looking through my copy of Aquarien pflanzen by Christel Kasselmann,
> a book I highly recomend even though the book is in German. Anyway, I saw
> some plants not often discussed in the trade. Does anyone have any
> experience growing Ammannia senegalensis or Ammannia gracilis? It looks
> like a pretty neat plant but I have only seen it for sale on a couple
> occasions.
Kasselmann states that A. senegalis and A. gracilis may or may nor be
separate species.
I had something that looked like the A.gracilis in the book. It grew quite
well with 3W/gall
CO2, soft water, regular iron (Dupla 24) fertilization.

Michael Eckardt
"As if you could kill time without injuring eternity." Unknown