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No Tropica Plants in U.S. (yet)

Richard Sexton wrote:

>If they're rooted in pots, they probably come from Tropica
>in Denmark. If they're unrooted, they're probably from Asian
>wholesalers. Float them in a tank till then get roots, plant
>them and they'll be fine.

If they're potted and you're in the U.S., they were grown (or at least
grown out) in this country, and are not from Tropica.  It is illegal to
bring plants into the U.S. which are not bare rooted... It's OK to pull
them out of a swamp in S.E. Asia, hose them off and import them, but you
can't bring in plants grown in rockwool under hygenic conditions in a
northern European greenhouse - go figure :-/  

Tropica plants are easy to identify anyway, because the pot actually has
the tropica trademark logo on it.  There is also a identification and care
tag included with each plant.  There are at least two companies producing
good quality potted, hydroponically grown aquarium plants in this country,
Florida Aquatic Nurseries and Gilbergs.  FAN has close to the same
selection as Tropica.  From what I've seen in the stores, Gilbergs has a
little less selection, but the plants look to be good quality.  Both
growers have emulated Tropica and include care and ID tags with each plant.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association