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Re: tank depth

Kelly wrote:
>I am 5'2" and my tank is also 24" deep.  I use a step stool and wear, at
>the most, a tank top when cleaning. :) The back of the tank is a pain
>to get to for sure.

Hmmm, pictures please? :-)  I think an important thing to remember when
"trying on" a new tank is that you not only have to be able to touch the
bottom, but you are going to have to fiddle around down there for quite a
while while doing maintenance.  When I had my 137 gallon custom built, I
measured my arm to the armpit and used that as the height of the tank. Of
course, when you are aiming diagonally for the rear of the tank, your arm is
too short.  Even in the front, after 10 minutes or so of stretching to place
driftwood, plants, etc. or cleaning, it can get pretty uncomfortable.  And I
won't even  mention the hours spent wondering what effect the aluminum
chlorohydrate from your anti-perspirant will have on your tank after soaking
your armpits :-).