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Amano Magazine

Tom Brennen is frustrated with the delays in receiving Amano's Aqua
Journal in English and I don't blame him.  It is supposedly a monthly

In terms of what to do, I simply sent them an email note to which the
publisher replied that VectraPoint would be happy to refund my money.  I
declined the invitation because as long as we're just talking about
delay, I'm willing to live with it to obtain this interesting
information.  I've received two issues in something like nine months or
so since subscribing.

Despite all the loose talk, I haven't seen evidence of unethical
behavior, just delay.  (For argument's sake I'll grant you that failure
to notify customers of the delays might be considered unethical by
some.)  Rather than having lawyers send letters, why not just ask for a
refund?  If they refuse, then I might agree that it's time for something

Regards, Steve Dixon in rainy San Francisco