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Greg Morin's Post

>Greg, thank you so much for such an informative post.  It is a breath of
>fresh air to have someone come to the list with a scientific (as opposed to
>practice) perspective.   Please keep following the list and keep educating

I'm also going to add my appreciative thanks (in addition to others') to
Greg for his informative postings about chelating and complexing agents.

Greg, you may find that people on this list are skeptical, and in the
case of some of the recent discussions, some of us may have data that
directly contradicts what you present.  Since this list has become, in
effect, a peer-review journal with many very proficient scientists
participating, it's not uncommon to have ideas confirmed or rejected
after substantial (normally polite) debate.

I'm really enjoying this thread, since I have a quart of Pond Flourish
in a refrigerator and haven't used it in over two years because of a
cyanobacteria problem that occurred while I was using it before.  I'm
really interested in this.  At the time, I blamed the gluconate for the
cyanobacteria, but then I discovered that my tank was seriously calcium
and nitrogen deficient, and one of my anubias started to die,
potentially releasing enough nutrients to trigger the cyanobacteria

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator