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Re: low nitrate/phosphate = Hair Algae galore....what gives?

I had the same problem when using a similar product.  I think once you've
driven N and P to non-detectable levels, there is still enough for the algae
and continued use of the micro-nutrient fertilizer leads to an abundance of
iron since the plants are now limited by N and P.  Thread algae likes high
iron levels, so this leads to an outbreak.  I switched to the PMDD method so I
can control each nutrient independently, no more algae problems.  I've stopped
using peat (garden store stuff) and noticed a reduction in algae as well.
There have been other changes in my maintenance routine, so it may not be
related, but peat _is_ an organic substance.....never know what's coming out
of it.

My 1.5 cents....