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Buying plants mailorder

>Uhm, one thing to remember is when ordering items you will not always
>get the plant in the photo :) I would suggest to goto www.azgardens.com
>and order from there,  they will treat you right and there's been
>several people on the list who's ordered from them.  On my order they
>sent me more than I bough (i.e. bought 4 cardinal roses, was shipped 5)
>and the quality was extremely good, I have NEVER seen plants in that
>good shape for sale.

The deal is, it's not really economically viable to grow plants
and sell them; people import them from Singaport (or what have you)
and resell them.

[Redacted] prices are about 2/3 lower on cryts,
which cost $0.35 ea from where they (and other mai lorder places)
get them from. [Redacted] marks them up 100%, azgardens a bit
more than that. Assuming both places only sell fresh plants
you should be getting the same thing from the same Singapore
nursereies no matter what retaied you buy them from.

If they're rooted in pots, they probably come from Tropica
in Denmark. If they're unrooted, they're probably from Asian
wholesalers. Float them in a tank till then get roots, plant
them and they'll be fine.

I've never ordered from either place; I'm just explaining the
economics of the trade. I get my plants from hobbyists.

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