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RE: low nitrate/phosphate = Hair Algae galore....what gives?

First off I wonder if that's a good nitrate reading since your using
r.o. filtered with peat.  Second I would look at the amount of light
used, algae seems to do better with brighter light.  Third I would look
at co2 levels in the tank.  There are some products out there that is
listed as "phosphate and hair algae removal medium for filters" I have
tried them and simply they don't work worth a flip.

Another thing that i've been reading about is there's a chemical that
some plants supposingly produces that destroys algae, plants like water
lettuce, duckweed and the like, dunno how valid this claim is.

Hope this helps,


>> Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:15:56 -0500
>> From: "Apisto Freak" <apistofreak at home_com>
>> Subject: low nitrate/phosphate = Hair Algae galore....what gives?
>> Hello Everyone:
>>         I have been a long time lurker but I thought I would come out
>> hiding
>> with this one.  I have two 10g tanks setup to breed (anyone...anyone)

>> Apistogramma.  I keep these tanks well planted with Crypts, Java
Fern, and
>> Java Moss to provide hiding places and to improve the general health
>> well being of my fish.  These tanks are setup in a waterfall fashion
>> the overflow from the top feeding the lower and the overflow from the
>> returning to a homemade sump.  Total volume of the system is 26.5g.
>> tanks get 5g (r.o. filtered over peat) water changes twice a week.
>> evaporation 3g removed.)  I've had a MAJOR outbreak of hair algae.  I

>> thought maybe I had been overfeeding so I did a test 0 Phosphate 0-20

>> Nitrate (hate those dry-tab colour charts).  What gives?  I dose with
>> freshwater plant micronutrient + iron just to keep the Nitrate as
close as
>> possible to 0 and to provide micronutrients.  These tanks have been
>> for at least 6 months.  Any ideas on what I'm overlooking.
Nitrate 0-20ppm
Phosphate  0ppm
Total hardness 10-20ppm
pH  5.5-6.5


Kevin a.k.a. ApistoFreak