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Re: Arizona Aquatic (was:plant questions)

Ed writes:

> Uhm, one thing to remember is when ordering items you will not always
>  get the plant in the photo :) I would suggest to goto www.azgardens.com
>  and order from there,  they will treat you right and there's been
>  several people on the list who's ordered from them.  On my order they
>  sent me more than I bough (i.e. bought 4 cardinal roses, was shipped 5)
>  and the quality was extremely good, I have NEVER seen plants in that
>  good shape for sale.

I ordered from them last December.  Yes, the stuff Igot was in excellent shape
(what I did get), but my experience was not the same.  First, theytold me they
would ship on New Year's weekend.  It didn't show up.  When I called, they
said they never ship on holiday weekends.  The following week I recieved a
partial shipment, with a note the rest would be shipped the following week.  I
ordered a number of plants from the same genus, which I had never seen before.
None of the plants were labeled, so I'm still not sure which is which.  The
following week I did not get the balance of my order.  When I called and
talked to "Peter" about this, he was very indignant and advised me that the
cost of sending the rest of my stuff (almost 40% of the total order) was not
justified for the sake of customer satisfaction.  He explained that they don't
heat their facilities in the winter months and the growth rates were too slow
for them to meet the demand.  He also complained that it was unreasonable of
me to order only 5 red marble vals, even though no minimums were required at
the time I ordered it.  It couldn't fill the order for five, but I should have
ordered more than what he couldn't provide.  

Everyone who has ordered during the summer has very good results from Arizona
Aquatic Gardens.  During the cooler winter months, not so much.  I'll take my
business elsewhere, as the 50-75 dollar orders he gets from me are not big
enough to justify treating me like a customer.

Bob Dixon