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Re: B.O.D. and green water

>.  I don't think the plant was superior at competing for
>nutrients, because it didn't show any signs of being superior when it was
>smaller.  I had enough light so that I don't think that the plant shaded
>out the green water algae.
I do not know if anyone has mentioned this before and I have never had any experience with green water myself but I think that floating algae should be superior at gathering diffuse light when compared to certain plants. I know that P.A.R. sensors are usually cosine corrected so that light that is not falling at right angles to that leaf is counted as less effective for photosynthesis. A spherical form of floating algae on the other hand does not care at what angle light strikes it's surface. Consequently, I think floating algae may have an advantage in situations of diffuse light. Also, the more floating algae present the more diffuse the light and the greater the problem. Can't say that this is going to help anybody but I thought it might be an interesting theory.
Wayne Jones