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Recommended Metal Halide Globes?


Could people kindly recommend a 250W metal halide globe that they have had
success growing plants with. 

My current globe is a hydroponics globe (don't know the name) and I am
looking for a globe with more blue than yellow in the spectrum to balance
my overall light color. 

My current setup consists of 2 125W Mercury Vapor Osram globes with large
amounts of yellow in the spectrum and a half dead 250W metal halide globe.
Could you please list manufacturers and models. The fixture I have is a
screw-in single ended lamp.

Hopefully I can purchase the globes from Australia. The globes that i have
seen available here are about $100AU each. This is lot of money compared to
Mercury Vapor globes ($30AU) does this seem right? 

Kindest Regards,

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