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HCL quantities

Thanks to everyone who has been emailing to the list regarding various
acids and their advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks also to whoever it was that set me straight about acetic acid ....
I will not be adding it to my tank!

After looking around in a number of places, I finally found a source of
Hydrochloric Acid at a hardware store (Most shop keepers looked at me
funny when I started to explain that I wasn't really interested in
cleaning concrete.....)

I found a 5 litre container of Hydrchloric acid (Muriatic - "Spirit of
Salt" ???) for $9.95 (Aus)., which sounded like a bargain to me. I'll
never have to buy any more - unless it has a maximum shelf life???

Anyhow, the label says that it contains 350g/L HCL.  I imagine that this
is 350g of HCL in granular form that has been added to each litre of
distilled water.  Is this correct?

If so, what concentration HCL do I have?  How many drops / ml would you
guys recommend adding to SLOWLY lower my pH, considering that the tap
water is pH of 8.4 and 120ppm Carbonate Hardness?

i do not add CO2 to this tank, I am just trying to lower the pH to a more
neutral point.  I am not concerned about the few fish that live in the

Steve Amor