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Re: Tank depth

Have you conseidered the lighting requirements of a 30" deep tank? In my
experience fluorescent lights are not 'up to snuff' at depths greater
than 24". Metal Halide systems, while considerably more expensive, are
far superior at penetrating to the bottom of deeper tanks.


In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where it is just below freezing and the
snow is accumulating -- a perfectly normal November in the Frozen North.

> Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 10:23:45 -0400
> From: "Jim Kozel" <jimkozel at apk_net>
> Subject: Tank depth
> I'm considering purchasing a 110 gallon tank to replace my 75 gallon plant
> tank simply because it's 8 inches deeper than the 75.  It's got the same
> footprint (48" x 18") but it's 30" height would really show off the jungle
> val and rubra swords.  I'm also thinking it would provide lower light at the
> bottom, making it easier for the various crypts, anubias and crispus I've
> got growing.  Any thoughts on the idea?
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