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UPS and filters

McKinsey writes:

>I wish these would work, but they have enough power in them only to "idle"
>the computer. some are only big enough to allow you time to close programs
>and turn the computer off. I have never seen one powerful enough to keep a
>filter running thru a power outtage. You can get a battery and an inverter
>and do it that way. Please let me know if you find a UPS that would work for
>this application. ~McKinsey 

That would seem to be a logical answer, but I have seen them advertised of
late in the Aquarium magazines for just such a purpose.  I suspect that some
of the smaller pumps might use no more power than a full-blown server, or even
some desktop workstations.  The larger UPS units will run a server for 30
minutes or more.  It might run a filter for quite a while.  It would mean an
investment of a good UPS for each tank, though.  I don't think hooking in a
heater would be adviseable, but at least you can keep the air pumps and power
filters going.

Bob Dixon