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Re: UPS and filters

Uhm, I do beg the differ.  Actually the life of a ups would be
determined on the load (Tho I have NO clue what the load is on your
tanks) With my setups I could run all three of them on an APC 1400 for
about a day with no power.  As for ups brands (no flames please)  I
would recomend any apc.  Reason? cause apc produces a near perfect sine
wave and most of the others (triplite, etc..) is more of a square wave
or triangle.

At work (am a network engineer) I commonly work with ups' that could run
some monster servers for a while and yes they do exist but you would
have to weigh the cost of an expensive ups vs the power outtages in your


>> I wish these would work, but they have enough power in them only to
>> the computer. some are only big enough to allow you time to close
>> and turn the computer off. I have never seen one powerful enough to
keep a
>> filter running thru a power outtage. You can get a battery and an
>> and do it that way. Please let me know if you find a UPS that would
>> for
>> this application. ~McKinsey