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RE: Amano Journal

Without getting into the "Vectrapoint" debate, I was intensely interested in
seeing a copy of the Amano magazine. I noticed on their website that it
should soon be available in several major book and magazine retailers in
North America and also DAD's Fishroom was supposed to have it. I contacted
Henry at DAD's and he sent me issues #33 and 34. Yes, they are expensive but
they are hardly things I'm going to throw out with last week's TV Guide. The
photographs alone are worth the price (to me, at least) and it is REALLY
refreshing to pick up a magazine which doesn't have hundreds of ads in it
(other than of course, ads for ADA - I'm sure that if the magazine gets to
be a standard that this might change).

You might not want to suscribe, but you all owe it to yourselves to pick up
a copy.

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario