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Plant questions.

I just spent some time browsing the large selection of plants at [Redacted]
 and also the Shopsite
Aquatic Flora and Fauna(www.shopsite.com/waterplants/index.html), which both
have a number of nice pictures.  The Flora and Fauna site has so many species
of Saggitaria that they gave it a separate section.  Both of these are worth
checking out if you are looking for plants, although the [Redacted] site
(About 400 species and varieties) is separate from their online catalog.  You
have to make notes and then go to the catalog site to order stuff online.

My questions-
1) [Redacted] lists many Anubias and also one Bolbitis as having regular,
and "Mother" plants, with the price difference being 4-10 times that of the
regular offering.  It looks like an easy way to reach the $25 minimum, but
what is the difference, that this is justified?
2)How tall does Crinium Thaianum get?
3)The two sites list two different plants as 4 leaf clover.  The one at [Redacted]
 is Marsilea crenata.  The one at Aquatic Flora is called M.
quadrifolia.  I personally found the one at Aquatic Flora to be more
attractive, though the warehouse had it bunched.  Has anyone had any
experience with either of these, and if so, any opinions?  Will they grow in a
55 gallon with 22 inches from substrate to surface?
4) Anyone ever keep Alligator leaf Nymphoides (N. crenata)?  Isn't this the
same genus as the common banana plant?  Will this Alligator thing reach the
surface in a deep tank, or is it better off in a ten to twelve inch tank?  How
big do the leaves get?
5) Has anyone bought plants from either of these sites?

Bob Dixon