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Nitrates and Green Water

Adam wrote:  >>> I agree with the idea that the green algae is caused by
a deficiency of Nitrate. I have a 72 gallon tank with 4 T12's, high
pressure CO2, and a laterite substrate.  I noticed that my ludwigia had
grown enormous extensive root systems in the water column soon there
after the   green algae arrived.  This weekend I'll go pick up some
jobes fern and palm spikes, and test the theory .>>>

I had the same idea a year or so ago when I had green water problems in
a pretty well maintained 40 gallon planted tank.  Very carefully and
over a period of a couple of months I maintained about 5 - 10 mg./l of
nitrate (dosing with KNO3, testing with LaMotte) and continued heavy
water changes.  It was of no help.  The problem was solved with a 4 and
 day blackout per Karen Randall's recommendation.  Since I don't have a
way to measure potassium, it is certainly possible that excess potassium
somehow got in the way of nitrate solving the problem.  I have
tentatively concluded that "nitrate deficiency" is not complete answer
to green water problems.  

Steve Dixon in San Francisco