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Thanks re: B.O.D.

Thanks to Jamie Johnson, Roger S. Miller, Paul Krombholz and George
Slusarczuk for the information concerning B.O.D. testing. For your
information, the sample bottle I use is the one which comes with the LaMotte
Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit, and I've been following their directions closely
regarding filling the bottle completely (while it is submerged) and ensuring
that there are no trapped air bubbles in the sample. I realize that this
method might not be able to be compared directly to a "real" B.O.D. test
done on another aquarium or a natural lake or stream, but hopefully it will
provide me with a standard for my OWN tanks under MY conditions. Perhaps if
I do this for a while I should be able to see any "trends" in the tank
before conditions deteriorate too much to be easily corrected. The tank
water IS very well circulated and I do carry out a 25% water change every
week, so I was expecting the system to be healthy.

Thanks again to those who responded.

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com