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Re: CO2 regulation

> a small propane regulator in series with a standard CO2
>  welding
>  >regulator?  This would give 2-stage regulation at *very* low delivery
>  pressure
>  >("11 inches of water" 
>  This is a very expensive ($50 or so over the cost of high pressure) way to
>  solve a non-problem, see my page at http://www.wcf.com/co2iron

How expensive depends on what kind of junk you have available for reuse.  If
you have an old regulator from a gas grill, and a 1/4 inch pipe nipple, it
might not cost you anything.

I like your web site.  Do you use the sintered glass diffuser on you high
pressure system to reduce your flow rate to about 1 bubble per second?  An
automotive air conditioning capillairy (sp?) tube before the bubble counter
(high pressure system) might work too.