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Re: Bringing pH down

Hello Morten,

H2CO3 -- carbonic acid is a *very* weak acid & will NOT significantly
bring pH down. Anyway, it is present in most waters as the carbonate
component ofwater hardness.

Nitric acid, HNO3, will do the lowering of pH, but the algae will *love*
the nitrates it supplies.

Nitrous acid, HNO2, decomposes rapidly in water. Besides, it has some
interesting side effects.

Phosphoric acid, H3PO4, although it is used in many commercial "pH
lowering concoctions", feeds the algae, as does HNO3.

That leaves HCl & H2SO4 as the two acids that will lower pH without any
noxious side effects.



P.S. It's freezing not only in Norway! Here, in Downstate New York, it
was -7 oC this morning.

It's freezing in Norway today, even some snow :)

Anyway, I have this old book - which holds formulas & stuff, related to
It's WAY to long since I learned this stuff - so I cannot advise on this
topic - but a
thought occured when seeing the list of acids...

These look interesting:
H2CO3 and HNO3 / HNO2.

Can't these acids be used in a constructive way to bring pH down, AND
get some
additional interesting effects...
What would these effect be...
Are they impossible to aquire or store etc etc..

Just an idea.