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My first post on the Discus tank

Here is my first post again.  The question about plants with discus was just
asking for personal opinions.  I already sure which plants I want in the
tank.  The lighting for such a large tank is my main concern.

>I have just purchased a 125 gallon tank that I would like to have heavily
planted and set up with 4-6 Discus, a couple dozen Cardinal Tetras and a
handful of other Amazon fish species. This will be my second planted tank
with Discus.

I am building a canopy for the tank and need help with choosing and
installing the lighting.  If anyone can point me to a site or give me
information on lighting a 6 foot long tank, it would be very helpful.  I
don't know what ballasts or how many to use, or what size lighting to
install with what number of bulbs.  I am also wondering how Discus friendly
VHO fluorescent lighting is.

A recommendation of plants to handle water with a pH of 6.5, very very soft
and 84* (28*C) temps would be appreciated also.

Just saw a site that recommends installing Styrofoam on the sides of the
tank and sticking plants into the foam.  Does this work?

Thanks a lot
sunshine at comteck_com