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Re: flame wars

Hi Tony!

Tony wrote:
>I guess I am new to "flame wars" and it seems some people jump in just >for
the sport of it.

It's funny, but what is considered a "flame war" here on APD would of been
considered day to day conversation on the old "fishnet" bbs (which has since
moved to AOL, where it was getting a little tamer when I dropped off AOL)
Even the flame wars produced some very interesting information when they
revolved around complex topics.  I learned more than I ever wanted to know
about calcium transport across cell membranes during a previously mentioned
flame-fest involving Craig Bingman and a couple of "smaller dogs" :-)

I jump in on a heated discussion only when I have some real information
(IMO) to offer.  Otherwise, I just sit and watch for informational tidbits
to fly out of the dogfight :-).

BTW, in case you don't remember, I bought some wild-strain silver angels
from you a while back, and they were absolutely wonderful, healthy, and
growing quickly.  Unfortunately, all but one died in a very stupid CO2
accident :-( (funny how the el cheapo mollies and cardinal tetras didn't
even blink an eye :-)).