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Re: CO2 regulation

In a message dated 98-11-19 04:05:42 EST, you write:

> This is a request for a DIY volunteer who wants to experiment with DIY CO2
>  regulation.  I need someone who has time to fool around with low cost CO2
>  injection level manipulation.   It should be someone who is "handy", knows
>  how to wire up a lamp from scratch for example.   If you are this person
>  please correspond with me.   There will be no cost to the successful
>  volunteer.

I would volunteer, but I'll be out of town for a few weeks.  (Probably come
home to "pea soup" again).  I am writing this because I wondered if anyone has
tried plumbing a small propane regulator in series with a standard CO2 welding
regulator?  This would give 2-stage regulation at *very* low delivery pressure
("11 inches of water" comes to mind as the actual pressure, but that might be
natural gas instead of propane).  Cheap brass aquarium airline valves could
then be used to regulate the flow.

Another possibility would be to take an acetylene regulator and get the valve
fittings and maybe the high pressure guage changed over to CO2.  This would
give you variable output pressure from 0 to about 25 or 30 psi.  Easy to set
the pressure in the 5 psi range where it is easy to manage.

best regards,