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Re: Tex-Blast in Bay Area?

> From: "E. Leung" <leung22 at hotmail_com>

> Anyone know of a source for 1-2 mm Tex-Blast (or something similar) in
> the San Francisco bay area and/or east bay? During some extensive
> searching I found that everyone around here carries a washed "Lapis
> Lustre #4 Aquarium Gravel," which is very similar or perhaps synonymous
> with Monterey beach sand. It contains shell fragments and obviously is
> not inert.

You are right about the Lapis Lustre, Eric. I go ahead and use it, just
making water changes more often for the first few months. The shell
chips seem to "coat" or something and drop in solubility after a while.
Pool acid treatment accelerates that process. I avoid using it in very
soft acid tanks. It is about $8 for a 100lb bag at Lyngso in Redwood

Basalite, in Sacramento, distributes truly inert gravels (water-washed
granite) from Silica Resources, Inc. in Yuba City. I know Home Depot
gets other products from them, so maybe they could special order a few
hundred pounds. I doubt if they could afford to for small amounts. I
used to get the SRI medium aquarium gravel from a building supplies
place in Sparks Nev. I haven't found any such place in the Bay Area
willing to pay the extra freight costs to get it. :-(


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