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RE: Iron Supplementation

>James Purchas wrote:

>I received much the same response from Seachem concerning
>Flourish Iron as did Christopher Coleman.

>Is this difference (E.D.T.A. vs. gluconate) merely one of two
>equally effective alternatives or is one product to be preferred
>over the other?

I think one of the more agreed upon aspects of the debate is both
gluconate and EDTA serve as chelators and that EDTA is the stronger
of the two. I think there is this opinion on Seachems part that EDTA is
two strong ( actually they commented that "The amount of EDTA-iron
that the plants are able to use is so small as to not really be useable"  )
This is a pretty strong statement, literally condemning the majority of
the aquarium iron supplement business including Dupla, Tropica, popular
PMDDs!  And I believe there are pH dependencies here clouding any
blanket statements about either product.

It also seems to me that if the gluconate form does get into the water
more readily, that it has the potential to preferentily benefit algae.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net