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RE: UGF!!!!!

Subject: ugf
Dave G wrote:
> One dead fish, especially a big one, can dump a lot of nutrients 
> in a tank in a matter of hours.  This is why it is a good reason
> to have a ugf under your gravel, even if it is turned off.
> Sometimes you need it.

This is not a good idea at all and is actually a terribly wrong statement,
Firstly if an undergravel filter has not been running for atleast a month
it doesnt have any usefull bacteria worth talking of, These good bacteria
need a continuous flow of fresh oxegenated water with nutrients (ammonia
and nitrite) for it to oxidise into nitrate.

So lets say if we suddenly have a large amount of nutrients(ammonia)  in
the water and we go and turn a previously stagnant UGF on all this will do
is bring anearobic substanceas and dirt into the water column and it ewill
not nitrify as you are basicaly saying it will.

If a fish dies the best thing is to do an extra water change and also find
out why it died if possible,

Furthermore nitrate, the final thing produced from the nitrogen cycle is a
nutrient, its one of  the main substances that plants and algae need

Don't meen to be rude but we dont want people getting incorrect ideas,
please don't take offence.

Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au