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Re: SAE's in Boston Area

Ted Lyman wrote:
>Uncle Ned's Fish Factory in Millis, MA about 30-40 min from Boston has
>just gotten in about 400 of 1-1.5 inch SAE's  They all look in good
>health although Ned and Dan generally prefer to keep fish for
>observation for a bit. I have heard that they will mail stuff but you
>should call them about this.

I purchased my SAE's from Ned's about 4 months ago via mail order. They were
packed extremely well and all were true SAE's and healthy.  They were all 1"
or less but have grown to 2.5" already!  Their number is 1-800-683-5165 and
they have a web site at www.abn1.net/unclenedsfishfactory