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More magnum vs Ehiem

I see that this has become another religious thread, being a devote of
one of the parties in question, with experience in both, I will preach
as well. 

I am sure that that most would agree that the Magnum works just fine as
a Mechanical filter.  My preference with Ehiems has been biological,
mechanical or any other material I wish to put in it.  It has about two
gallons of internal space, and unlike many of the other filters on the
market, virtually none of it is wasted.
It has been tremendously reliable, unlike the magnum I had owned.  It is
100% sealed, unlike the magnums, and the 15-20 minutes it takes to clean
it isn't a weekly "pop and drop" change of the pleated filter.  Not that
there is anything wrong with that either.  This time represents changing
filter layers as I see fit and keeping a 10+ year old filter in the same
condition as the day I bought it, something that I think all filter
owners probably do whether this is 5 or 15 minutes.

The real argument here should be whether to run your magnum as a full
time biological filter, opposed to straight mechanical polishing,
something I am sure many would question and just as many might support.
Also look at the TCO (total cost of ownership) including the watts drawn
from the motors when deciding. 

In addition, as you can see by these threads, this is a personal
experience.  Many people bought the flowbe and liked it, yet many more
felt that it wouldn't meet thier needs and didn't. The choice is yours.

My money and my 2cents are on the ehiem.


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