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Bob Dixon wrote:
> At Dave Gomberg's suggestion, I started with HCl.  I
> got a prescription from a vet, so I could get a pharmacy to use their fancy
> equipment and measure out a specific solution of HCl in distilled water.  I
> think the original concentration was 2%.  I do remember the pH of the
> solution
> was 1.7 or 1.8.  Figure out from there what the concentration was.

  I dug up the original posting, so I now know the origin of whatever it was.
I would check what the original prescription was, if I were you!  If it
contained HCl at all, its concentration was a lot lower than 2%.  I make
it about 0.018 molar acid, or (if HCl), 0.07% or so.

	Get some from a hardware store, and dilute it yourself!  That way,
you will know what you are getting.      :)

	Always add acid to water, and wear glasses.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada