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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #650

Dave Gomberg wrote:
>Are you short a fish or two.  One dead fish, especially a big one, can
>dump a lot of nutrients in a tank in a matter of hours.  This is why it is
>good reason to have a ugf under your gravel, even if it is turned off.
>Sometimes you need it....

!!!! May I ask?:  Do you think bell bottom jeans are still in fashion?  Do
you still listen to vinyl LP's of the Hermans Hermits?  Do you hum
"Downtown" or "These Boots were made for Walkin'" in elevators? :-)
Undergravel filters!

Just kidding, but a UGF doesn't remove any nutrients, it just changes their
form and if anything, the new forms would be beneficial to the algae bloom.
Also, having a "dead zone" in the form of an uncirculating UGF accumulating
mulm and anaerobic by-products under the substrate so you can occasionally
"turn it on" is, IMO, a spectacularly bad idea.  Finally, the large
bacterial load which is the heart and soul of a UGF will not be present for
quite a while after cranking it up, so even if a fully functioning UGF did
help with algae, one that you just turned on wouldn't.