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re: Bleaching.....

Hello All:
> I haven't tried the bleach method, but for spirogyra (a filamentous
> green algae), I've found that ghost shrimp (probably cardinia japonica
> as well) are an effective control method as long as your fish aren't
> fond of feeder shrimp.  I have one ghost shrimp in my 20g krib tank
> (along with the parents and over 100 fry as of Saturday morning :-) and
> it does a pretty good job of keeping the "lawn" mowed.

Oh don't I wish! I saw these for sale about five years ago at R15 
EACH (That's a sixpack of beer at today's prices. Probably two 
sixpacks at the prices of the time) I haven't seen them since either. 
I know there is an indigenous species, Caridina nilotica. Someone 
from the Institute for Water Research offered to collect some for me 
in KwaZulu-Natal since they don't occur this far South. 

Anyway I bleached the plants yesterday. Can't say I've seen any 



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