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Water polishing (kitty litter mistake)

>>Do many people really need to use a polishing filter with
any regularity? <<

Well I have to because of not following my own advice! I
like kitty litter substrates. First time I used Hartz as Dan
Q. recommended. It worked great! I had to redo the tank and
the store was out of Hartz and I used another brand. BIG

I had to remove a very large Sword and it had a root system
just as large. Now I have lots of clay on top of the sand.
It can get stirred up easy and very cloudy. For example the
other day someone laid eggs and the other fish were having a
caviar feast and on the bottom and just that little bit
stirred up it. I never had that problem with two different
tanks using Hartz.

Moral: If you use Kitty litter use Hartz pH5!!

Jeff <*\\><
Old Bedouin saying: "Trust God, but tie up your camel, lest
you lose it."