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green water

Oh, green water woes.
My 40g tank has been problem free for a long time;
crystal clear and healthy.
I went on vacation and came back to find it full of pea
green soup, yuk.

Problem is, I have tried all of the remedies seen on the
web and I still have green, cloudy water, albeit a little
bit less green.
What I've tried:

1.  darkened the tank for three days
2.  added flocculent (Kent's Pro Clear) to bind the
algae so the filter could pick it up.
3.  Used a System 1 diatom filter for four hours.
4.  Massive water changes.

I still have green water.  Testing and my knowledge of
the system tell me that there should NOT be excess
nutrients in there; I didn't have the fish fed during my
month away.  The plants are doing OK, but their
growth seems slowed.  Glossostigma has lost some

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Roxanne Bittman