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RE: Magnum vs. Ehiem

	I personally believe that the two filters are completely different
classes.  I have used both filters extensively. I ran a 45 gal planted
tank for over a year on only a magnum 350 with filter pad wrapped carbon
cartridge. It did a fair job.  
	I also currently use Ehiem 2017's (now the 2217) for my planted tanks.
I have had some these filters (i own four) running at near continuous
operation for about the past 10 years. (Purchased in 1988 from Boston
Pet Center in Cambridge MA) Aside from new o-rings, media and an
impeller replacement in one, these filters to me, have been worth the
$$.  They have run salt tanks, fish only tanks and now have run my
planted tanks for the past two years.  
	After about a two year period, the magnum died.  The floor mounted
motor collects dust and stuff, and yes I did not oil it frequently,
something that you do not have to do in the epoxy sealed Ehiem.  Also
the Ehiem is a much better biological filter in my opinion than any
other canister on the market.  It has a huge media area and can be
stocked with just about anything.  
	It does take a bit of getting used to the service aspect, but after a
couple of times you'll be able to pull it apart, clean it and have it
back on your tank in 15-20 minutes.  
	My bet is spend the extra on this filter and you'll be significantly
more happy than with the magnum.

Good luck with which ever you choose!


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