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Magnums vs Eheims (NOT a quality vs price argument)

I was wondering if there were other reasons rather than initial cost to choose
one over the other. I currently run Magnums and have the problem of frequent
clogging of the micron filter.  I suspect that the high flow rate contributes
to turbulence in the tank which in turn puts more stuff in the filter.  If I
run only the sponge pads, I get enough clouding to be annoying.  When I look
at the suggested setup for the Eheim, I see two separate layers of filter pad.
I understand that Eheims run at a lower gph than Magnums, but do a better job
of filtering per pass through the filter.  Do those of you who run Eheims on
planted tanks have to clean them out more often than you would prefer?  Do
they give you clear water?  Do they provide enough water movement or do you
supplement them with powerheads?