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Re: Bleaching....

> Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:37:04 GMT+2
> From: "Jacques" <jgerber at Rhobot_ru.ac.za>
> I'm in the throes of setting up a 18 gallon plant tank. I've elected
> to bleach the plants before planting to try and limit transfer of
> algae. The main problem is thread algae (Spirogyra). What
> concentration of bleach should I use? How long should I bleach the
> plants for to try and control the Spirogyra? How well will plants like
> Liliopsis, Limnophilia, hairgrass and java moss take to the bleaching
> operation. How long would it be before I can expect a recovery. I'd
> look on the web, but server congestion is making this impossible.

I haven't tried the bleach method, but for spirogyra (a filamentous
green algae), I've found that ghost shrimp (probably cardinia japonica
as well) are an effective control method as long as your fish aren't
fond of feeder shrimp.  I have one ghost shrimp in my 20g krib tank
(along with the parents and over 100 fry as of Saturday morning :-) and
it does a pretty good job of keeping the "lawn" mowed.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator