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Re: Iron gluconate - Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #647

Hello Steve,

Iron gluconate is the salt of gluconic acid, which is a product of
glucose oxidation. Gluconic acid contains one carboxylic acid group and
5 hydroxy groups, so it tends to chelate. Because it is a sugar, I would
imagine that "bugs" love it!

Gluconic acid does exist in nature, as a byproduct of fungal oxidation
of corn syrup and from other sources. If it "finds" an available iron
ion nearby, it may well form a chelate with it. I don't think that in
nature it lasts for very long.



> What is iron gluconate(C12H22FeO14, 2H2O)? Does it occur naturally?
> What are its merits and demerits as compared to EDTA and DTPA chelated
> Fe?
> Steve