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World's Best Algae Eater / Indian Algea Eater

I've got to of them roaming 130l tank, and I have newer seen them even nibble on BBA.
About 1 month ago, I was on wacation for about 10 days, and my "tank-sitter" forgot to feed the fish in this tank. When I got back, I had an algea-free tank, accept for som BBA on the leaves of my swords, and a piece of wood.
So my conclusion is that Indean algea eaters (IAE) don't eat BBA.

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>Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:48:58 -0800 (PST)
>From: "A. Inniss" <andrewi at u_washington.edu>
>Subject: World's Best Algae Eater
> I wonder whether these are the same fish that came up for
>discussion here a little while back?  I think Walter Klockers had some
>experience with them.  The fish Walter was talking about was available for
>a while in the Northwest about 1 - 1.5 yrs ago.  They were known to our
>wholesalers as The World's Best Algae Eater, but they marketed them as
>Indian Algae Eater.  I was too busy (lazy) to do the kind of testing I'd
>done with the SAEs, so I can't say just how good they were as algae
>eaters.  I did stick a clump of some kind of thread algae in with them,
>and they did eat that, albeit slowly, since they were getting lots of
>flake.  Didn't observe them eating BBA, but again, I didn't isolate them
>with a bunch of BBA infested ornaments and then not feed them flake, as I
>had done with the SAEs.  I wasn't able at the time to find out what these
>fish were, since our wholesaler didn't know anything more about them,
> ~