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Re: Vortex

>The HOT Magnum is not really a diatomaceous earth filter, even if you can
>use some of this powder in one of its operations.  The "Vortex" is an real
>dialtomaceous earth filter and, still better, is the "System 1"
>diatomaceous filter from Aquarium Products.  The latter is very simple to
>use and will polish a "green water" aquarium in four hours or less!  If not
>available from your LFS, most (if not all) of the mail order houses sell
>this filter.  In four hours, you won't have to worry about losing CO2 for
>that time!
>Merrill Cohen
Although I have not personally used a System 1 filter, I can say that a
Vortex, properly primed, will clean any aquarium up to 75g in an hour, not
4hrs.  It may take 4hrs to clear a larger tank such as a 125g or 150.  This
is before even adding any of their special 'superchar' carbon, in which
case, the tank would clear even faster.  Vortex filters will also last you
at least a decade.  And, for $58 bucks for the smaller one from that fish
place, if you have green water, this is the filter to get.  You can purchase
diatom powder from a local pool retailer store for about $7 for a 10lb bag.
The 'superchar' carbon you must purchase from the company, but the small
container they sell will last you easily 10 years.  

gary plano jr.
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