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World's Best Algae Eater

	I wonder whether these are the same fish that came up for
discussion here a little while back?  I think Walter Klockers had some
experience with them.  The fish Walter was talking about was available for
a while in the Northwest about 1 - 1.5 yrs ago.  They were known to our
wholesalers as The World's Best Algae Eater, but they marketed them as
Indian Algae Eater.  I was too busy (lazy) to do the kind of testing I'd
done with the SAEs, so I can't say just how good they were as algae
eaters.  I did stick a clump of some kind of thread algae in with them,
and they did eat that, albeit slowly, since they were getting lots of
flake.  Didn't observe them eating BBA, but again, I didn't isolate them
with a bunch of BBA infested ornaments and then not feed them flake, as I
had done with the SAEs.  I wasn't able at the time to find out what these
fish were, since our wholesaler didn't know anything more about them,