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Re: any opinion on "H.O.T. Magnum" filters?

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Zxcvbob wrote:

> Subject: any opinions on "H.O.T. Magnum" filters?


> Is this filter adequate for water polishing (especially with just the micron
> filter without the diatoms)?

I use a 350 instead of the H.O.T., but I think they use the same pleated
filter media.  I use it for polishing and it works very well for normal
use.  Recently I had a green water outbreak in one tank and the filter
didn't remove the algae.  The diatom powder let the filter catch a little
of the algae, but not enough to notice a difference in the tank water. 
Perhaps it was an unusually small-celled species. 

I added a flocculating agent (Hagen "P Clear") and the flocculated algae was 
removed by the filter without the diatom treatment.  The tank needed two 
treatments to clear up completely.

Roger Miller