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HOT Magnum

>From: Zxcvbob at aol_com
>I went to the better LFS today looking for a diatom filter,  LFS didn't
have any diatom >filters, but they said the HOT Magnum would do almost as
good and was a whole lot >easier to use.  ... Is this filter adequate for
water polishing (especially with just the >micron filter without the diatoms
.... If I were to use the hot magnum in this size tank,
>would it turn the tank into a maelstrom?  Is it possible to set it up so it
>disturb the surface water too much and lose all my CO2?

I have been using the Hot Magnum 250 for several months.  My tank is  a 46
gallon bow front heavily planted discus tank.  It can be a little
overwhelming if you use the spout that comes with it.  I ordered another
intake and replaced the outlet with that intake.  I added another intake
strainer to diffuse the returning water.   Water turbulence (which is below
the surface) is not much, with a minimum loss of C02.  It polishes the water
great.  I have never tried adding diatom powder.  The micron cartridge seems
to do the trick for me.