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Re: HOT Magnum

> Subject: any opinions on "H.O.T. Magnum" filters?
>  If I were to use the hot magnum in this size tank, would
> it turn the tank into a maelstrom?  Is it posible to set it up so it doesn't
> disturb the surface water too much and lose all my CO2?

I tried a HOT Magnum on my 30 g tank.  It was too powerful, churned 
the surface, blew my plants horizontally, and created a lot of air 
bubbles.  I took it out after a week and gave it to a friend with a 
saltwater tank.  He uses the micron filter without diatoms and is 
very happy with it, doesn't mind that it blows bubbles all over the 
place.   As I recall, it was rather noisy too.  I'm much happier with 
the Renaissance canister filter.