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any opinions on "H.O.T. Magnum" filters?

I went to the better LFS today looking for a diatom filter, like the smaller
Vortex, for polishing my water.  I still have a little residual "green water"
algae, plus I'd like to be able to filter out suspended clay particles if I
make a mess with my tinkering.  LFS didn't have any diatom filters, but they
said the HOT Magnum would do almost as good and was a whole lot easier to use.
I looked at one, and it had instruction for using diatomite powder with the
micron filter if you really wanted to.

Is this filter adequate for water polishing (especially with just the micron
filter without the diatoms)?  My current filter is a little too small for my
tank; a 100 gph "AquaTech 5-15" (kind of like a biowheel "mini" without the
wheel) in a 20H tank with too many fish and lots of plants and 2.2W/gal 4100K
fluorescent lights.  If I were to use the hot magnum in this size tank, would
it turn the tank into a maelstrom?  Is it posible to set it up so it doesn't
disturb the surface water too much and lose all my CO2?

Thanks for your advice.

Best regards,