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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #644

At 03:48 AM 11/14/98 -0500, Glenn Hudspeth asked:
>Stupid comment--mine was a rhetorical question. ...
> I don't believe that my asking a question here on the APD
>could be characterized as "throwing up my hands." Rather it's an attempt to
>collect more information and to learn more about what I'm doing. ...
>I must say that I'm quite disappointed in your disdainful response,... 
>I've never understood how someone can approach a group of people like this,
>admitting to not having as much knowledge in the particular area that you
>do, and be ridiculed for it. Or is aquatic gardening only the domain of
>those with a prerequisite amount of chemistry? I don't know what your
>profession is, but I hope it's not teaching. Until you can understand those
>who aren't endowed with as much "genius" as yourself and can have patience
>with their questions, you'd make quite a shitty one.
>"Du siehst, wohin du siehst, nur Eitelkeit auf Erden..." Andreas Gryphius
>Glenn Hudspeth
>GTA -- KU Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Mr. Hudspeth, you present such succulent flame bait that I hardly know
where to begin.  I may have to take a nap afterwards.

Since I didn't realize your question was rhetorical *I* am stupid???

If I were to pass your sig to the Berlin Freedom Society asking for a
translation I would be throwing up my hands.   Resorting to a German
English dictionary or one of the translation facilities on the net would be
showing a bit of adulthood and intellectual self-sufficiency.

One generally learns more about what he wishes by reading and attending
classes, not schmoozing with teachers.  If you wanted to learn more about
chemistry would you go to the library or walk into the chemistry faculty
lounge and ask?  Remember, MANY college students read this list.

Aquatic gardening is the exclusive provence of those with minimal language
skills in which such information is available (primarily English, German,
Dutch, and Japanese), minimal high school education (algebra, chemistry
most notably), and minimal research skills (such as knowing where the
nearest college library is and what credentials are necessary to use it).

I hope your skill in dealing with students is not reflected by your choice
of language when you are disappointed.

I don't know what your job at KU is, but judging from your intellectualism
I'll bet you know where the dumpster is.